Fahim Moledina Shedding Light on Future Trends of Project Management

As a project management expert, Fahim Moledina takes us back ten years to compare the industry with what it is currently. From fewer methodologies, smaller teams with tools and projects to teams with more sophisticated tools and projects that are no longer simple or easily managed. Just as the old saying goes, “Change is constant,”Continue reading “Fahim Moledina Shedding Light on Future Trends of Project Management”

Fahim Moledina Shares Successful Business Strategies

Among the top business strategies, Fahim Moledina shares the fact that business owners should surround themselves with right-minded people to succeed. Fahim Moledina identifies areas of action that prove critical to business success. He explains key points to integrate as business strategies to help pave the way for successful endeavors. Fahim Moledina’s Successful Business StrategiesContinue reading “Fahim Moledina Shares Successful Business Strategies”

Fahim Moledina to the Leaders; What is Organizational Intelligence?

Authorities do not motivate individuals anymore. It is the influence of leaders that empowers them and encourages them to do better. Fahim Moledina believes that the skill of influence is not a “nice to have” thing. In fact, in today’s age, it is an essential skill that enables leaders to use more organizational intelligence. GainingContinue reading “Fahim Moledina to the Leaders; What is Organizational Intelligence?”


My name is Fahim Moledina and I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. I enjoy spending time with my family and two kids (A girl- 4 years old and a boy – 1 years old). I like most Canadians love playing ice hockey and started skating when I was 4 years old and 32 years later still play ice hockey. Me and my wife enjoy staying active as walking our dogs (I’m a pet lover- have a 4 year old Shiba-Inu and 4 year old Husky, Pitbull, Chihuahua cross) and keeping our kids busy can take up a lot of time. I have a large family in Edmonton but have lived in many areas across Canada and visited every province in Canada except the Yukon, New Brunswick, and PEI. I enjoy travelling but do a lot less with having a young family now.

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